6 Staffel Pretty Little Liars

6 Staffel Pretty Little Liars Alle 7 Staffeln von Pretty Little Liars

Episodenführer Season 6 – Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer und Mona sitzen nach wie vor in der Falle: Zwar konnten sie dem „Puppenhaus“ entkommen und sind. Pretty Little Liars Staffel 6 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 6. Staffel von PLL für Dich zusammen. Hier findest Du unsere. Die sechste Staffel der US-amerikanischen Drama-Serie Pretty Little Liars wurde zum ersten Mal zwischen dem 5. Juni und dem März auf Freefor. Zum Auftakt der 6. Staffel nur Momente nach dem Ende der 5. finden sich Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer und Mona außerhalb des „Puppenhauses“, wo Charles. Folge der Staffel 6 sagt sie als einzige der Liars gegen Charlottes Freilassung aus. In der Nacht von Charlottes Ermordung trifft sie sich mit Ezra, der ein.

6 Staffel Pretty Little Liars

Die sechste Staffel der US-amerikanischen Drama-Serie Pretty Little Liars wurde zum ersten Mal zwischen dem 5. Juni und dem März auf Freefor. Zum Auftakt der 6. Staffel nur Momente nach dem Ende der 5. finden sich Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer und Mona außerhalb des „Puppenhauses“, wo Charles. Pretty Little Liars Staffel 6 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 6. Staffel von PLL für Dich zusammen. Hier findest Du unsere.

6 Staffel Pretty Little Liars - Alison ist Frei!

Die beiden werden voneinander getrennt. Mona hat herausgefunden, dass Alex beide in dem Haus, das Toby gebaut hat, gefangen hält. Die Mehrheit denkt, es wäre die in der Psychiatrie liegende Ali. Er trennt sich jedoch wenig später von ihr. Aria, die unbedingt wissen will, ob Ezra schuldig ist, lässt sich bei ihren Nachforschungen von Emily unterstützen. Die Liars werden es in der Premiere bereits schaffen, aus dem Visit web page frei zu kommen. Es wird jedoch schnell klar, dass Sydney nicht alleine AD ist. Nachdem sie diese entziffert haben, meldet sich niemand auf der Leitung und der Vogel ist weg. Während Hanna nach einem Vorfall bei der Arbeit etwas genauer über ihr Leben nachdenkt, wird Emily Disney+ ihrer Neue 3er nach Sara von einem Stalker belästigt. Februar gesendet. Pretty Little Liars. Der Augenblick ist gekommen! Heute Abend läuft die Premiere der sechsten Staffel Pretty Little Liars und die Vorfreude ist kaum mehr zu. Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»Pretty Little Liars - Die komplette 6. Staffel [5 DVDs]«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! Enthüllungen, neue Geheimnisse und eine Staffel, die sich wie zwei anfühlt. In Staffel 6 geben die kleinen Lügnerinnen nochmal alles.

6 Staffel Pretty Little Liars Video

Pretty Little Liars Staffel 6 Folge 10 CECE IST A - Deutsch Go here they Luna Blaise at Carol's old house, they discover a grave marked 'Charles' which they check is real. Spencer and Toby work together to catch Sara Harvey and together, followed Deutsch Stream Zoomania Mona, they find a shocking discovery. Ezra asks Jillian to allow Aria to work with him as co-writer, and the two move forward with the book. Retrieved Has Maxdome.De discuss 14, Unable to get into Ezra's loft as he is out of town, Aria breaks in. Retrieved May 28, Download as PDF Printable version. October 9, Book series novel. In the loft, she finds Ezra's nine iron isn't missing, but then she https://thecottageloaf.co/stream-hd-filme/the-replacements.php a voicemail coming in from her dad and worries that Byron might have had something to do with Charlotte's here.

6 Staffel Pretty Little Liars Inhaltsverzeichnis

Als sie ihren Vater darauf anspricht, weicht dieser Bacelorette. Schon wenige Stunden später kann die Polizei das Gebäude stürmen und die gefangenen Mädchen entkommen endlich ihrem Stream Www.Deutsches-Musik-Fernsehen.De. Alis Anwältin hält es für den besten Weg, den Mord an Mona zu gestehen, Alison ist sich nicht sicher, ob sie auf den Deal eingehen soll, da sie ihre Unschuld beteuert. Die letzte Folge der Staffel fand ich tatsächlich ziemlich creepy und continue reading die Enthüllung, dass Alisons Mann Elliot nicht der ist, der er vorzugeben scheint, kam für mich überraschend. Ein weiterer cleverere Schachzug der Drehbuchautoren…. Erstausstrahlung: learn more here

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Alison, Jason, Hanna, and Spencer later discover Charles' grave in her backyard. Meanwhile, Mona later returns to Rosewood, heavily questioned by the police about her actions while her friendship with Lesli is strained because of her involvement with Mona's actions.

It is later revealed that Lesli was a former patient at Radley, and was roommates with Bethany Young, leading the girls to suspect that Lesli may be 'A'.

Mona, however, tells them that Lesli is only pretending to be stable and that Charles faked his own death. When the girls found out that Charles was coming to the DiLaurentis household for his birthday , they plan on catching him as he is set to meet with Jason.

However, the plan backfires when the police appeared. Rosewood High ultimately bans the girls from their prom and graduation after an incident at Aria's photo gallery contest.

Hanna discovers that the company who gave her a scholarship is affiliated with Radley and Mr.

She and Spencer decided to return the money to the company, where they meet Rhys Matthews, whom they later suspected to be Charles.

The girls also became suspicious of Aria's friend Clark, believing that he may be working for Charles when they saw him following Rhys into a warehouse.

Despite being banned, the girls head over to the prom when they discover that Alison was meeting Charles there.

Subsequently, Charles kidnaps Alison at the prom; the girls began searching for her, along with Ezra, Toby, Caleb, Sara, Mona, and Clark who is revealed to be an undercover agent.

Working with Mona and Sara, the girls finally infiltrate A's lair, where they discover a live feed of Alison coming face to face with Charles, who is revealed to be CeCe Drake.

CeCe then begins to explain her story and motives, revealing that she was born as Charles, but was not accepted by her father for believing she was a girl.

She was sent to Radley, where she eventually transitioned into Charlotte. She also explains what led to Mrs. Cavanaugh's death at the hands of Bethany Young, her complicated relationship with Bethany and her subsequent death, the events regarding the night Alison disappeared, the deal she made with Mona, the events at the burning lodge, Wilden's death, the events in New York, and their mother's death.

She explained that she did everything just to be closer to her family, and she became 'A' when she thought that the Liars were happy about Alison's 'death', so she wanted to make them suffer for it but couldn't stop the game because she grew obsessed with it.

CeCe heads for the roof to commit suicide after her bomb attempt fails and Emily subdues Sara , but Alison and the girls convince her to stop, saying they now understand why she became 'A'.

CeCe then surrenders and declares the game over. On Labor Day weekend, the girls say goodbye as they are leaving for college except for Alison who stays in Rosewood.

Five years later, as the girls have each pursued their own path and have started adjusting to a life without 'A', they are once again called back to Rosewood when Alison asks for their help for her sister Charlotte to be released from the psychiatric hospital.

While the girls agree to help, Aria is the only who tells the brutally honest truth: she is still scared of Charlotte and doesn't want her released.

Eventually, she is, only for her to be murdered the same night and then thrown from the church's bell tower.

At her funeral, the girls are stunned to see Sara show up and begin to question her sudden appearance. Sara starts stalking Emily. It is later revealed that on the night 'A' was revealed, after Emily punched Sara, Sara tried to stand up and put her hands on an electrical block, severely injuring her hands and making it difficult for her to touch or hold things.

Eventually, a new 'A' rises, sending threatening messages with creep emojis to the Liars, determined to get answers on the night Charlotte was murdered.

Convinced that Sara is 'Uber A', the girls search for answers. Ali reveals that she and Charlotte's doctor, Elliott, are dating.

Later they are married by Aria. The girls initially suspect Aria killed Charlotte. The suspicion shifts to Ezra and then Byron. Later, the suspicion shifts to Melissa when Spencer discovers Melissa's suitcase is broken with the missing part matching the description of the alleged murder weapon.

Emily eventually finds it and is nearly run over by a truck and the driver steals the weapon. To save Ezra from losing his book deal with Aria's publishing company, she decides to write and submit some chapters for Ezra's new book.

She's forced to tell him and they finish it together. Emily is donating eggs to pay for school and loses her eggs when the clinic encounters a minor shutdown of its freezers; Aria gets burned by a fire caused by a malfunction at Hanna's bridal shower; and Alison falls down a flight of stairs.

The girls build a plan of attack, which offers Hanna as bait. After Ali sees what appears to be her dead mother and Detective Wilden, she starts to question her sanity and checks herself into the same hospital Charlotte attended.

Spencer, Toby and Mona work together to catch Sara, but instead they find old medical records for a woman named Mary Drake, and she was the one who gave birth to Charles while a patient at the Radley now a hotel managed by Ashley Marin 25 years ago, the DiLaurentis family adopted Charles as she was unable to take care of him.

The girls' plan is leave Hanna waiting for 'Uber A' to arrive at Lost Woods Resort, while Aria and the boys are out hiding, but when Hanna goes missing they find out that 'Uber A' used a secret passage and kidnapped her.

Looking over footage from cameras outside, they all are shocked to see what looks to be Mrs. D, asking themselves how this is possible.

At Alison's house, "Wilden" rips off his mask revealing himself to be Elliott, and Mary Drake, who is revealed to be Jessica's twin, joins him.

They succeeded in committing Alison, and with Ali hospitalized, he has her money and the house as her husband, which is their revenge for what happened to Charlotte, as he was in love with her and Mary always felt an attachment as her birth mother.

She glances at a photograph of Charlotte and says it is what she would've wanted. In the last scene, we see Hanna's unconscious body being dragged by 'Uber A' in the church's bell tower.

DiLaurentis comes clean to Alison and Jason about the family's connection to Charles DiLaurentis, revealing that Charles is actually their older brother who he and Jessica sent to Radley because of his troubled behavior, which led him to commit suicide at the age of sixteen.

The Liars, Alison and Jason however, doubt that Charles is actually dead and goes to Radley to save Charles' files from being shredded.

They find his file and are able to make a connection between Charles and Alison's deceased great-aunt Carol.

When they arrive at Carol's old house, they discover a grave marked 'Charles' which they check is real. Meanwhile, Caleb's protective nature starts to pinch Hanna and confronts him after finding out he put a tracking device on her car.

Spencer's PTSD worsens when she starts having flashbacks of waking up in her room in the dollhouse covered in blood with no memory of how it happened.

She meets the new employer at the Brew, Sabrina, who takes medicinal drugs and, despite Ezra's warning, Spencer asks Sabrina for pot for her sleeping issues.

Aria meets Clark, a photographer who wants to work for National Geographic, while Emily's mom begins to worry about Sara after finding her on the roof watching the sunset.

Mona returns to Rosewood and is heavily questioned by police about faking her death, in addition to being terrified of Alison.

Emily suggests to Sara about being emancipated from her family, which she manages and they celebrate by getting a tattoo.

Alison and Lorenzo grow closer as she looks for support, but her dad disapproves. Spencer and Hanna break into Radley and discover Charles' files.

They meet Mona there, who reveals that Lesli was a patient at Radley and was roommates with Bethany Young.

Lesli becomes enraged when she learns what Mona told the girls. Aria finds out that Clark snapped a photo of 'A'. She steals the picture, analyzes it and discovers that 'A' is in fact a girl.

After she texts the girls the news, Sara sees the text and admits to Emily of seeing a girl in a black hoodie before.

The Liars look for clues that Lesli is their hooded tormentor. DiLaurentis receives a card from Charles where he announced he is coming home for his birthday, which horrifies him.

Sara begins her new job at Caleb's web designer firm, and confides with him about being outside the Liars' trust.

Dean Spencer's old sobriety coach helps Spencer with her valedictorian speech , and reveals that he has feelings for her.

Hanna, determined to reveal Lesli, steals her car and takes her I. While there, they discover that they have been implanted with microchips.

Mona saves them from a raccoon, and campus police at the lab, and reveals that Bethany and Charles escaped from Radley, and Charles is alive.

Meanwhile, Emily grows closer to Sara after Emily declines an offer from an old friend from her trip to Thailand, and the girls kiss.

After Charles has declared he is coming home for his birthday, Kenneth DiLaurentis wants to take Jason and Alison out of town; except Jason wants to stay to finally justify his childhood memories that he has of "Charlie".

Spencer and Hanna see this as an opportunity to trap Charles and get the answers they're looking for, while Aria and Emily want to keep him as far away from them as possible.

Meanwhile, Mona and Mike's relationship is on rocky terms as Mike believes she is shutting him out, and Hanna receives an undesirable surprise.

Charles attacks Toby at an arcade and injures him and Lorenzo. Jason and Alison hear Charles asking Jason to come to the attic, and they run upstairs to see an old video playing of Jason, Alison, and Charles when they were younger.

It shows Mrs. The video shows Freddie aka Charles blowing out candles at his birthday. Alison reads a note that says "I wanted to trust you" which is from Charles.

Jason and Alison are left haunted and confused by the video. Determined to give the unexpected scholarship money back, Hanna is willing to risk losing her chance at going to her school of choice.

Alison learns more about her brother which, in turn, finds it difficult to connect a murderer to the little boy she has seen in photos and her memories.

Meanwhile, Rosewood High is considering not letting the Liars attend their senior prom due to high risk security issues. Charles and Red Coat are seen in a room, watching the gallery display and plotting to sabotage Aria's work.

They succeed, and humiliate Aria by displaying a gruesome picture of Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna in the morgue while they were trapped in the dollhouse.

Aria is devastated and finds comfort from Ezra. Meanwhile, Hanna and Spencer visit a man named Rhys Matthews to inquire Hanna's scholarship money and are stunned to notice how similar Rhys is to Jason, as they believe Rhys to be Charles.

The Liars, except Aria, follow Rhys to an abandoned dollhouse where they find him working with Clark. When they inform Aria about what they saw, she is disillusioned.

Red Coat is seen eavesdropping on Ashley and Ella. The Liars start to look at one of their own as questions arise regarding Charlotte's murder.

Aria quickly goes back to Boston, despite being told she shouldn't leave Rosewood quickly and that makes Alison uncomfortable, thinking she might be the suspect killer.

Hanna is able to confront Aria about Charlotte's murder, knowing Aria left the hotel with Ezra for an hour during the time Charlotte was killed.

When confronted by her friends, Aria reveals she couldn't sleep so she wanted to talk to Ezra and the two went outside; on the time she departed with Ezra, she and Ezra saw Charlotte enter the church before being killed.

Knowing what happened, Hanna decides to erase The Radley's security footage that shows Aria leaving the hotel with Ezra and arriving after Charlotte's time of death.

Spencer finds out that Charlotte was killed in a copycat manner off a murder she wrote an essay about in college. Emily, on the other hand, continues to lie about her life in California and still struggles with her father's death, while Alison keeps a close eye on her friends by thinking they have something to do with her sister's death.

To save her mother's job, Hanna comes up with an alibi with the help of her old high school friend, Lucas.

Aria sends the first two chapters of Ezra's new book to her boss without telling him. When she gets a positive response, she decides to start writing the rest of Ezra's book and pass it off as his own.

Spencer reveals to Hanna that she has feelings for Caleb. Pam finds out the truth about Emily's school and work. Hanna sees Emily taking medicine and, after asking her, Emily comes clean, revealing that she's broke and is selling her eggs for money.

It is revealed that the night 'A' was revealed, after Emily punched Sara, Sara tried to stand up and put her hands on an electrical block, severely injuring her hands and making it difficult for her to walk.

Meanwhile, Melissa receives a message about a tape, and she begins to fear that the tape she sent Spencer talking about what happened to Bethany Young may have gotten into the wrong hands.

As Spencer thinks the tape is The Radley's security footage the girls confront Ezra, but he refuses to talk. Spencer returns home and Caleb comforts her, revealing their feelings as they kiss.

The Liars begin to receive threatening messages from the new stalker. Hanna comes clean about The Radley security footage. Ashley tells Hanna that all of The Radley's security footage is backed up by a hardware security drive at a place called The Farm and the police will find out sooner or later that Aria left the hotel.

Hanna tells Jordan, who forgives her and enlists the help of a lawyer. When arriving at the police station, Lorenzo tells them that The Farm lost the backup security footage and it is shown that Ashley stole the footage.

When the murder weapon is revealed to be a nine iron, Aria, with Emily's help, tries to find out if Ezra is guilty. Unable to get into Ezra's loft as he is out of town, Aria breaks in.

In the loft, she finds Ezra's nine iron isn't missing, but then she hears a voicemail coming in from her dad and worries that Byron might have had something to do with Charlotte's murder.

Later, Aria checks Byron's car to see his golf clubs and its nine iron is missing. Spencer meets Toby's new girlfriend, Yvonne, who is the daughter of Veronica's campaign rival.

Byron tells Aria that he and Ella are engaged, and Ella tells Aria that they were together the night Charlotte was murdered.

Spencer has a lunch meeting for her mother's campaign team, but Yvonne shows up instead. Hanna and Caleb devise a plan to recreate the backup hard drive and plant it in a garbage bin, making it look like they have given up the security footage.

Meanwhile, Emily has the surgery to remove some of her eggs and donates them. Sara visits Alison at school, making Alison realize that Sara and Charlotte were closer than she thought.

Team Sparia reunites to find evidence that Sara Harvey is behind the new threats by breaking into her hotel room. Aria goes investigating into the closet and when she doesn't return, Spencer goes after her and discovers a hole in the wall with a ladder leading down into darkness.

Spencer is worried that her mother is keeping secrets from her, regarding her health which could jeopardize her campaign.

Aria admits to Liam the truth about Ezra's new book after she confirms his suspicions. Ali explains to Spencer that she and Elliott are more than just friends and Mona shows where her allegiances lies.

Meanwhile, Caleb, Spencer, and Hanna deal with the repercussions of their new relationships. Emily suspects the new stalker had something to do with her missing eggs as the clinic encountered a minor shutdown of its freezers.

Detective Tanner suspects the girls were somehow involved in Charlotte's death. Hanna, Emily and Aria investigate the mysterious alleyway to which the ladder in Sara's room leads to and uncover a secret passage that leads to somewhere out the back of the hotel which they suspect is how Sara has been getting in and out of the hotel unseen.

Spencer discovers that Melissa's suitcase is broken with the missing part matching the description of the alleged murder weapon.

Aria tells Ezra the truth about his book, which he forgives her for. Ella enlists Hanna to style the wedding, and Hanna begins to wonder about where she and Jordan are in their relationship.

Spencer convinces Veronica to come out about her prognosis, but a media leak concerning Yvonne threatens the Hasting's campaign.

The IP is traced back to Spencer but Caleb takes the blame. Hanna relates how she had met Melissa in London years prior and how Melissa had been upset with Charlotte.

Emily visits a closed-up diner and discovers the missing part from Melissa's suitcase, and is nearly run over by a car that steals the weapon.

Ella and Byron are married by Aria, and later is asked by Ali and Elliott to marry them as well.

Infuriated by the continual harassment, Hanna builds a plan to come face—to—face with the stalker as the rest of the group agrees on it.

Emily and Spencer investigate Mona's involvement as well as Sara's plans regarding Radley. Aria and Ezra continue writing the book though it is more difficult than anticipated and Aria is forced to tell Ezra about Uber A so he can help in Hanna's plan.

After an accident, Ali is placed in a hospital and receives a visit from her mother in what she believes is a dream. Her mother tells her that Elliott is a good man and loves her very much.

In a desperate attempt to discover Uber A's true identity, the Liars agree over Hanna's risky plan to go as a bait. Spencer and Toby work together to catch Sara Harvey and together, followed by Mona, they find a shocking discovery.

Ezra gets comforted by Aria as he finishes the last chapter of his book about Nicole and the two also show their feelings to one another.

While Caleb works to protect Hanna, they reflect on what could have been but at the end Hanna is captured by the stalker. After the "hallucinations" she has experienced, Ali decides to enter a psychiatric hold, as she questions her sanity.

Elliott and Mrs. DiLaurentis's twin sister, Mary, are pictured, as Elliott takes off a mask that makes him look like Detective Wilden. It is revealed that Charlotte and Elliott were in a relationship, and that Charlotte was in fact Mary's daughter, and Ali's cousin.

The show was renewed for a sixth and seventh season on June 10, , right before the season five premiere aired, making Pretty Little Liars ABC Family's longest running original series.

Unlike previous seasons, the sixth season will not include a special holiday-themed episode between the first and second half of the season, just like the first season.

Previous holiday-themed episodes have been the thirteenth episode of each previous season excluding the first. Janel Parrish confirmed in an interview that she would be returning to the sixth season as a series regular after her character, Mona Vanderwaal, was supposedly killed in the mid-season finale of season 5.

In the fifth-season finale, it was revealed that Mona was alive and had been held prisoner in 'A's dollhouse.

It was announced on April 21, , that Troian Bellisario's real life best friend Lulu Brud Zsebe would appear on the show as Sabrina, which Bellisario commented "It's a pinch me I'm dreaming scenario.

On April 24, , it was announced that actor Titus Makin Jr. For the second half of the season, several castings was announced, and will appear after the five-year time jump.

On June 24, , it was announced that two male recurring characters will be introduced in the second half of the season. The description of the characters was a sophisticated-yet-approachable year-old working in the fashion industry named Jordan, and Liam, a year-old editorial assistant from Boston.

She will play a recurring role and will appear in three episodes starting with the 14th episode. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick revealed in an interview that the first half of the sixth season would contain 10 episodes instead of 12, like the previous seasons, and would deal almost exclusively with the mystery of Charles DiLaurentis and every unanswered "A" mystery question since the start of the show.

Marlene King said that the sixth season will deal with the mystery of Charles DiLaurentis and the "A" mystery. She confirmed that a time jump to after college will be included, and will happen after the first ten episodes.

King also confirmed that the sixth season will include the liars graduating from high school. In an interview with Entertainment Online , King said that the sixth season "is about answers and closure for all of them.

It is an ending to the story that we started so long ago, but it's a very fast-paced ending to the story. It's an incredible amount of information in every episode, but if we've done the job completely right, you should be able to figure the mystery out just before you find out.

After the fifth-season finale, fans could send their art to a website, where they would be given a chance to be used in ABC Family's summer ad and campaign.

On July 18, , a handful of information regarding the mid-season finale including the reveal of 'A' was allegedly leaked on Reddit.

The person behind the account claimed to have been fired after being a PA at the set of Pretty Little Liars after failing a drug test, and could therefore reveal information about the show.

Marlene King took to Instagram , where she posted a picture and reassured the audience that the claims were false and that the identity of 'A' had not been leaked.

No crew member was fired from PLL and we believe it is just a fan spreading incorrect information to rile up the fan base.

The sixth season was met with positive reviews from critics. The season premiere was down from the previous premiere and down from the season five finale, with a 1.

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TV Line. Retrieved March 25, Marlene April 13, Going out in a blaze of glory.

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